Enterprise Messaging Platform

Zyter’s Enterprise Messaging platform allows you to send high volumes of text messages to your potential customers while ensuring utmost security and reliable authentication. Create great impact, boost brand engagement, and connect with your audience through SMS-based campaigns and location-aware broadcasts.

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Keep messaging simple and elegant for your ecosystem with parallel communication and guaranteed delivery.
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With video, voice, and chat capabilities, our versatile multimedia messaging can make every interaction intelligent.
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Drive impactful results with simplified SMS-based campaigns and surveys.
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Geo Messaging

Bring context to a conversation through location-aware broadcasts.
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Opt-Ins/Opt- Outs

Make managing SMS/MMS subscriptions stress-free by streamlining the opt-in/opt- out process.
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1-Way and 2-Way Messaging

Boost engagement by broadcasting with 1-way messaging or open a direct dialogue with 2-way messaging.
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Make sure your message is heard loud and clear with convenient text-to- speech capabilities.
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Geo Tracking

Always know where a device is with our platform’s precise and accurate geo tracking capabilities.