Master Virtual Care with Zyter HealthConnect™

It’s so simple, you can focus on practicing medicine. From rapid scheduling and automatic reminders to secure, private consultations. See patient data in context and in real time. You can even find and collaborate with specialists within a session.

Zyter HealthConnect™ is a simple, secure, highly accessible telehealth system that combines efficient and flexible provider tools with an exceptional user experience.

Whether urgent care, behavioral health or chronic care management, everything starts with streamlined appointment management.  On-demand patient engagement is via simultaneous secure chat and encrypted Web video consult. Should a specialist consult be needed, one can be found and included directly within the Zyter HealthConnect™ session. Finally, physician notes are automatically saved to the patient’s EMR, and any prescriptions are routed to the patient’s pharmacy.

We do the frustrating work of telehealth for you.

Zyter HealthConnect™ is

Efficient: Patient self-triage and smart inquiry routing. Quick access to patient data and specialists. Smart documentation. 

Effective: Patient reminders and automated broadcast alerts. On-demand care and long-range wellness management.

Intuitive: Comprehensive patient-data dashboard shares EMR and clinical data in real time.

Highly Integrated: Clinical workflows, intelligent routing and logistics. Pre-integration with medical devices and hooks for remote monitoring. 

Private and Secure: HIPAA and FedRAMP compliance, strengthened by encryption. Doesn’t collect, download or store patient data. No apps to download.


By providing your contact information and clicking ‘submit’, you authorize Zyter to store your contact details and contact you with information on case studies, whitepapers, events, webinars, newsletters, announcements and other relevant updates.

We automatically capture and integrate your data; establish and secure all connections; show you everything you need to know in a patient-centered console; and automatically populate EHRs and other reports. So you get to practice medicine.

Zyter HealthConnect™ Telehealth System