Achieve Intelligent IoT with Zyter SmartSpaces™

You need intelligence everywhere – in your building, across your enterprise, all over campus, and throughout smart cities. It all starts with the foundation: Secure, scalable connections that feed cross-functional data analytics. It’s time to integrate your IoT.

Zyter SmartSpaces TM intelligent IoT integration raises the bar on today’s IoT because it becomes the nerve center of smart buildings, enterprises, campuses and cities — giving you full operational control, not just visibility.

Our flexible, secure, scalable architecture speeds the integration of disparate software, technologies and data formats into dynamic ecosystems that deliver insightful analytics and collective intelligence. All within a superior user experience.

Zyter SmartSpaces™ is

Smart: Operational control and visibility. Built-in data management and context-aware incident and trend analytics. Continuous real-time data streams. Heat maps and auto-alerts. Asset tracking and performance monitoring with predictive analytics. Dynamic pricing based on utilization/operations. Comprehensive dashboards and incident reports. Rules engines, workflow automation, business services. Cross-functional analyses.  

Secure: 256-bit AES encryption. Built-in user identification and authorization.

Scalable: No limits on number of connected devices. Dynamic ecosystem with on-demand utilization, pre-reserved bandwidth, and immediate scale.

Integrated: Universal API support, including devices and AI/ML. Data ingestion, sanitizing and storage. Unlimited best-in-class, plug and play apps. Automatic notification to network device makers of problems.

Elegant: Consistent user experience across full range of apps and services. Human-centered design.

Cost Effective: Investment returned within first year. Metrics around efficiency, safety and time/cost effectiveness.


Zyter SmartSpaces is trusted by Qualcomm to be the foundation of its Smart Cities Accelerator Program.


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Zyter SmartSpaces™ Intelligent IoT Integration